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A standard in the Magento eCommerce industry is to maintain a staging server for testing all changes. The world has access to the production server where the fully tested application lives.
[1] I learned this from colleagues in the industry who work at Fortune 500 firms.
[2] The primary benefit to me is that I’m able to test new features before releasing them to the world. If there are bugs I catch them prior to the client or their customers.
[3] This is also the exact same benefit that my clients get! Sometimes software doesn’t work as advertised.

A staging environment minimizes the bugs and glitches for the world to see.

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variux – noun \var-E-ux\ : dynamic user experience.

Technology is hard and complex. But because it is critical to running a business, we are devoted to deciphering what our clients need and empowering them to leverage the technology t

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    Variux, Inc.
  • 3600 Dallas Hwy
  • Suite 230-360
  • Marietta, GA
  • 30064
  • Phone: 678-667-2185
  • Website: https://www.variux.com

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