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Accurate: How Do They Know

“Cloud Hosting” is all the craze these days. The ability to instantly have unlimited server resources for Black Friday demand sounds great, however, for most of my clients it is just not needed. I am able to consistently save my clients nearly $400/mo by having them on a static infrastructure. It is still scalable, but it requires some human intervention.

However, I do have a process of informing my clients the things that may change their infrastructure need. IF you are going on SharkTank, setup the cloud. If you are going on Opra, setup cloud. If you are doing hundreds of orders per day in normal season, then Black Friday demands a cloud setup.

It is just having the right tool for the job.

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variux – noun \var-E-ux\ : dynamic user experience.

Technology is hard and complex. But because it is critical to running a business, we are devoted to deciphering what our clients need and empowering them to leverage the technology t

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