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Faith is the core of my foundation. I love spending time with my hubby & our 5 kids. Committed to making a difference in our community, I am involved in church & our HOA. I love concerts, journaling & gardening. Excellent, loyal & integral.

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Since I had been a part of closed networking groups previously, I was open minded to see the process and format for PowerCore & the dynamic of this team.

What were you thinking as you left? What a dynamic team!! Now this is a team I could join!

What was the impressive part for you? The enthusiasm & energy. The apparent commitment to each other as well as the amount of referrals that were passed. I also appreciated the 90 day probation period. It’s not an auto in, we have a part to play in our own success.

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We offer REWARD WITHOUT THE RISK. We target small businesses with 2 – 15 employees; take the time to understand what they need & customize our service offerings to meet only those needs. With 6 years of experience we are now in ATL!

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    SBRUS2 Payroll Services
  • 5655 Lake Acworth Dr.
  • Suite 220
  • Acworth, GA
  • 30101
  • Phone: 770-862-2554
  • Website:

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