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I am a health coach and mental health therapist. I help men and women with chronic pain find joy in their lives again. My technique is proven to help people reduce anxiety and depression, especially as it relates to illness and pain.

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My ideal client is Jenny. She’s 28, in a long-term relationship, and works as a nurse full time. She’s outgoing and extroverted, but likes her quiet time too. Her instagram has more pictures of her dog than her, and she’s usually hiking or walking in a park somewhere.She might also have a cat. She has many acquaintances but a select few set of close friends, and she’d do anything for them. She’s known as the “caretaker” or the “mom” in the friend group, even though she doesn’t yet have children. She wants children in the future, but she often worries that her illness won’t let her. She cares about her hormonal health and sees a functional medicine doctor.

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Company Profile

Providing mental health counseling and health coaching services in-person and via video chat. The number provided below is my secure line where you or potential clients can call and text confidentially.

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    Active Care Conseling and Coaching
  • 900 Dekalb Ave. NE
  • Suite K
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • 30310
  • Phone: 404-905-3391
  • Website:

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