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The world is a better place when we share it with each other. I’m a born connector who enjoys true stories of intrigue and discovery. When we meet, I’ll want to know your story. And watch out, I might publish it one day.

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It’s Okay to Say No Thank You

-A connection that is not good for me is a very large company that ships frequently. My service is designed for people who don’t ship often enough to qualify for big discounts.
-As a favor, I’ll ship personal items for Powercore members at just 5% above my cost. This is a huge discount.
-My ideal business profile is either a wholesaler who ships freight or a retailer who ships internationally.
-My best harvest ever would be a referral to company that imports from other countries and also exports to customers all over the world – especially if they are new at it.

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InXpress is a family. Our clients enjoy personalized service and updated research and information. Our global discounts on international shipping and domestic freight are merely an added bonus.

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