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15 years of management consulting experience help me to execute all business activities for the firm, including: sales, business development, marketing, finance, human resources, facilities management, and information technology.

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Accurate: How Do They Know

The new approach is people who say, “I want a bulldog attorney who is very aggressive!” This may be what clients think they need, however, what they actually need is an expert negotiator who knows the law. We provide our clients with expert advice that allows them to get the best possible outcome for less money. Aggressive, litigious attorneys actually cost their clients more and reach the same or less advantageous outcomes. The Wise Law Firm prefers an older approach which is less expensive and delivers better results.

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The Wise Law Firm focuses exclusively on family law, including: divorce, custody, support, visitation, alimony, modifications of previous court orders, paternity and legitimation, mediation, and litigation.

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    Wise Law Firm
  • 3417 Canton Road
  • Suite 304
  • Marietta, GA
  • 30066
  • Phone: 806-577-6698
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