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Free thinker, pilot, risk taker, I encompass every aspect of an entrepeneur. Reflecting as a former photographer, my life now in front of the lens is quite exciting. Ready for todays challenge, striving for greatness!

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I am often hosted by PI attorneys and insurance professionals. I help the “Humpty-Dumpty” times start a safe and efficient rebuilding of the pieces after an accident. I take lead in discussing the time frame and expectations of the search as well as asking the questions to narrow the search criteria. Budget, model year, replacement or upgrade, used vs. new. I offer real results and can often show real vehicles for wholesale purchase that reassures the prospect of my vision within 30 minutes in most cases, taking the hassle out of buying the next GREAT car.

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Meeting with clients and searching the wholesale market of almost 290000 every week, I can fit most clients with the car of their dreams while saving money in the end. I am fee based, not commission based. An auto Broker with a conscience.

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