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After 30 years of global manufacturing experiences, in a wide array of markets and products, I am ready to help people to accomplish their goals. Let me help you to make your company the best it can be.

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One of the major “cross-pollinations” that Waterman Quality offers is a well diversified set of experiences. Process experiences include automotive, electronic, industrial, consumer, ferrous, aluminum, plastics, extrusion, welding, painting, testing and other applications. This wealth of expertise offers the opportunity to successfully apply best practices from unrelated industries to help with the client’s application.

This is really helpful for clients who are singular experts in their particular industry. The diversity of experience provides “outside the box” ideas and applications which can jump start solutions, improvements and efficiencies.

A great example of this dates back over 100 years when Henry Ford visited a meat packing facility in Chicago. Ford noted their continuous process for butchering, or “unassembling,” the animal at subsequent stations. His realization that he could incorporate the same methodologies to assemble his cars allowed him to improve his process efficiencies. The result was lower consumer cost of his cars by nearly 58% (from $825-850 to $345-360) in 8 years, while increasing production by over 2200% (32k to 735k) in 16 years!

Fine print: these results are not indicative of future client performance, nor did Waterman Quality have anything to do with Henry Ford’s epiphany!

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Waterman Quality offers a resource boost to achieve desired performance objectives and quality goals:
– Customer Satisfaction
– Quality Management (ISO 9001)
– Documentation / Training
– New Prod Dvp
– Supplier Dvp
– Audits / Assessme

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