Dr. Branden Evans - Chiropractor

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  • Phone: 678-852-3728
  • Team: Marietta Square
  • Introduced by Sandy Weaver Carman
  • Joined on 10/20/2008

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Accuracy: Straight Lines

The members on our team do a great job of educating the rest of us about their skills and how they can help the people we refer. The infominutes are very important but we also get to learn so much more during the coffee’s and really get to hear more about that team member on a personal level. When I make a connection it’s always easier to tell the potential client that “Ben Clark is a great financial advisor but he’s a good person, I’ve know how he is with his family, etc…” Being able to add a personal statement seems to take away some hesitation and streamline the connection.

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  • Gold Star

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  • Raymond Hinton
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Company Profile

Company Profile

Marietta Chiropractor Treating Back Pain, Neck Pain, Auto Accidents, Whiplash and Providing Nutritional Purification and Wellness Programs in Cobb County.

    Company Contact Info
    Cobb Pain & Wellness Clinic
  • 140 Vann Street
  • Suite 400
  • Marietta, GA
  • 30060
  • Phone: 678-444-4154
  • Website: http://www.cobbpainandwellness.com
  • Fax: 678-325-1559

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