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Dr. Carolina Tillotson is an Atlanta-based chiropractor, speaker, and catalyst for healing! She is devoted to helping others reach their optimal health potential and ultimately live extraordinary lives.


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I was blessed to find a fantastic mentor before I opened my chiropractic practice. Dr. Kim Carpenter taught me about pivoting before pivot became the word of the year for 2020. There is a certain degree of flexibility and flow that you have to embody when you work with people and run a practice that serves a lot of different types of people and personalities. There are also outside circumstances that don’t always go according to plan, and without getting stuck in the mud, just pivot and continuing moving towards the bigger goal.

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Company Profile

The Wellness Connection is an Atlanta-based chiropractic sanctuary.

We help individuals and families express their healthiest lives through thinking well, eating well, moving well, and healing well in ways that are customized to the

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    The Wellness Connection
  • 300 West Wieuca Rd
  • Suite 204
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • 30342
  • Phone: 404-482-3460
  • Website: https://www.twcatl.com/

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