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I help people heal and feel better by getting rid of their pains, fears, and allergies.

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Heirloom Seeds Ripen Over Time

Changes don’t happen very frequently in my industry. The most common changes are offices coming and going, or the addition or removal of a service.

A great GateOpener for me is a personal trainer, because they often have to work around their client’s limitations.

With the chiropractic and muscular work I do, I’m able to help reduce their client’s pain and improve the function of their muscles so they can get better results with the personal trainer.

The benefit to the personal trainer is their client will have fewer limitations due to pain, be less likely to cancel their sessions, and increase the amount of time the client works with them – all leading to better results for their clients and more referrals for the personal trainer.

A great question for my GateOpener the second time is, “Are your clients able to train without pain and happy with the results they’re getting?”

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    Crane Chiropractic & Applied Kinesiology, LLC
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