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I am the daughter of great parents, sister to five, a mom to my dog Chiro, and a new wife to my husband Willie. And in all these relationships I have learned family is priceless…..

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The visitor host for my patients is my front desk receptionist. Her voice is the first they hear over the phone and the first face they see when entering the office. For new patients she does a tour of the office along with her own testimony of chiropractic or current patient with their same symptoms. They also watch a video on chiropractic so they understand more of what to expect. She also lets them know they are in the right place to receive help and if I am unable to help I will get them referred to someone who can. Important questions are what brought you in today and what have you tried so far?

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Loving Care Chiropractic was created to help YOU age gracefully, to do all those things you love doing. When you aren’t able to have date night with your husband, attend your childs recital, or play with the grandchild LCFC is here….

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