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Raised in Chicagoland, I made the ultimate sacrifice (pizza) when called to serve the beautiful PTC, GA!
A college volleyball player, when not at the office I still enjoy playing doubles and chasing after my furbaby, Beau.

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I had the opportunity to meet with our newest Member, Jordan Guest very recently. She is a kind, energetic, and wonderful person with a drive to always continue learning. She applies this same passion for learning to every aspect of her life, including in her own line of work by helping others establish their own business presence! She is an excellent and valued Member of our team, and in the short amount of time that we have been lucky enough to have her she has already become a PowerCore proficient.
At our next coffee together I cannot wait to hear about the newest information that has caught her interest lately!

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Company Profile

Allergies, muscles, phobias, & more. CCAK is about so much more than back pain! Proudly serving patients from 28 states and 5 countries at our locations in GA and NJ.
Find out why we’re the last stop for so many on the journey for health

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    Crane Chiropractic & Applied Kinesiology, LLC
  • 23 Eastbrook Bend
  • Suite 201
  • Peachtree City, GA
  • 30269
  • Phone: 847-828-2723
  • Website: www.CraneChiros.com/

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