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  • Phone: 678-265-0356
  • Team: North Fulton
  • Introduced by Dr. Parker Ward
  • Also Introduced by Dr. Robyn Sheridan
  • Joined on 03/21/2018

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The Seed of How (behavior)

Lisa is a stay-at-home, workout-aholic mom who spends her days outdoors with her children. She is always carrying around a backpack filled with non-electronic toys for her 3 children to play with between adventures, plenty of water, and glass containers of different fruits for her children to snack on. She is a wellness advocate who is constantly reminding people the health benefits of staying active, staying outside and staying well adjusted.

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  • TeamCoOrdinator
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  • InfoMinute Seminar

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    Northeast Chiropractic Center
  • 2650 Holcomb Bridge Rd
  • Suite 140
  • Alpharetta, Ga
  • 30022
  • Phone: 770-451-9494
  • Website: http://www.drhaleydurham.com/

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