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When I am not watching or playing sports, you can find me in the gym, at a baseball game or hanging out with my newborn son, wife and dog.

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My patients typically enter the clinic with one of two issues. First, they are in pain and cannot deal with it anymore. When these patients come in, we have two jobs; get them out of pain, and keep them out of pain. The other type of patient that comes in is trying to preform better. Whether it is a weekend warrior, or a high level athlete, these patients always have a good sense of their body mechanics. With these patients, I want to make sure that I convey the importance of warming up and training core stability. When we are talking about how to perform better, we need to address the body as a whole. These patients usually do their exercises and stretches more frequently than people trying to get out of pain. When people need decide to come into my office, we need to set clear goals so that we can stay focused during care.

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We “FIX” problems. Our specialty is chronic pain that has not been getting better. We find the cause and help with the symptoms by using Chiropractic Adjustments, Active Release Technique and soft tissue modalities.

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