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Father to Quinn, Husband to Kelsey, Chiropractor to some, Friend and Doctor to many. I cycle, play baseball/ old man softball, speak Romanian on rare occasions and enjoy hunting and hiking. Transitioning from a Utahns to a Georgian.


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Purpose: Commander’s Intent – Drill Bit vs. Hole

As a chiropractor I get to hear a lot of people’s worst fears. Many of them range from not being able to play tennis again to not being able to tie there own shoes.
Recently, a new patients worst fear was if she was going to ever be able to sleep flat on her back while sleeping. After a week of consistent work she was finally able to sleep flat on her back and she was ecstatic to be able to just sleep in her diesired position.

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Independent Contractor out of Cooperative Chiropractic in West Cobb. I put forth time, effort, and desire to the progression of my patients health so they can heal from the structural, chemical, and emotional traumas of life.

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    Bennett Health Institute, LLC
  • 3901 Mary Eliza Trace Suite #201
  • Marietta, Georgia
  • 30064
  • Phone: 770-422-5052
  • Website: https://drnathanbennett.com/

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