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  • Phone: 678-883-4957
  • Team: Newnan
  • Introduced by Phil Downey
  • Joined on 07/07/2017


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Accuracy: Easy to Carry

The tool that I have in my tool belt that makes giving a referral easy is Applied Kinesiology. I’m a certified AK practitioner which gives me a whole new set of tools to work with and therefore I can help my patients with so many more different types of problems and concerns. Having the right tool for the job makes things come out better.

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    Crane Chiropractic & Applied Kinesiology
  • 23 Eastbrook Bend
  • Suite 201
  • Peachtree City, Georgia
  • 30269
  • Phone: 678-883-4957
  • Website: http://www.CraneChiros.com

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