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Action: Electricity

In my practice an example of constant and reliable “power” comes from the patients themselves. The power is innate intelligence, it’s the power that created the body and is also responsible for healing the body. When someone cuts their finger and applies a Band-Aid to the injury it’s not the Band-Aid that does the healing, it’s the innate power of the body that reorganizes cell structure to close the wound. My patients can always rely on me to deliver the proper adjustment to restore their own innate power. This power is ever present and always reliable when unrestricted.

A patient that has benefited from our ability to deliver proper and reliable adjustments is Ms. K. Ms. K suffers from a complex seizure disorder. When Ms. K visits our office on the verge of an episode or following multiple episodes, she describes her symptoms as pressure causing her mind to become foggy and slow to respond. Ms. K knows she can rely on us to deliver the adjustment specific to her condition that will clear the fog and as she likes to say, “turn the power back on”.

This example is one case of many focusing on one condition. From major to minor health complications we use a thorough exam protocol and x-ray analysis to properly diagnose each patient and treat them according to their specific condition.

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