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I always wanted to make the world a better place. I didn’t know it would be by providing home security and repair. I like to create order out of chaos, and I pay attention to details. I love to dance and kayak on whitewater rivers.

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  • Phone: 770-720-6269
  • Team: Decatur
  • Introduced by Pat Alderman
  • Joined on 12/02/2008

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A professional organizer would be a good person to invite to visit Decatur PowerCore. Particularly if they operated as a concierge as well. An organizer/concierge needs to have a full array of service providers to fulfill their clients assignments. They could benefit from the knowledge of any of the members of our team to assist them with their clients needs. In particular an introduction to Joann Taylor would give the organizer an expert resource for decorating and design. Joann’s understanding of color, space, and compatible arrangement will make any professional organizer shine.

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My team of experienced craftsmen bring peace of mind to homeowners as we reinforce doors & windows to prevent break-ins. I educate homeowners & implement protection of their property & personal safety, especially by “hardening the target”

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