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EJF spent 30 years in clergy and public health — for past decade has loved doing home mortgages. The ‘big thrill’ is the client getting keys to his/her home or saving great money by low-rate refinancing.

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Accurate: How Do They Know

The “old but good” product in mortgages is the 30-year fixed mortgage. My preference for thos with good debt-to-income ratio is the 15 year. WHY?? the 360 payments of $1135 (for the median USA first lien of $211500) will need $410K over life of loan. For the 180 payments at 4.875% it is less than $300K for the same home!! Saving over $100K and getting much quicker equity into your home ownership makes this the better bargain!

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RH Funding is an Atlantic Coast home mortgage lender: large in North and New to Georgia. Our rates and service are excellent — ask about our “local heroes” loans for helping professions!

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