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Being frugal by nature, my business mission came naturally. Strip out the overhead – no brick-and-mortar showroom, no advertising, and no middlemen – and then pass the savings on to my clients.

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  • Phone: 404-414-0696
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  • Introduced by Perry Phillips
  • Joined on 05/21/2010

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Accuracy: More Than One Angle

From Adee Weismark, a prior team member, I learned the importance of adding single word when referring others. As a flooring contractor, I am in my clients’ homes and businesses and can often see that they need a handyman, or plumber, etc.

Before, when I saw a need, I would ask if they would like the name of a plumber, or handyman, or whatever, but they would often reply, “thanks, but I have one.”

Adee suggested that I ask them if they have a plumber, or whatever, that they are “happy” with.

I have been amazed by the change one word makes. Now when I ask them if they have a plumber they are “happy” with, they often so that “I have one, but he is just OK.” Or, “I have one, but he is just a name a neighbor gave me.”

I am continually amazed how one word can shift a person from already having the resource they need to asking for name of the person I can refer.

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Carpet Direct is the easiest way to shop for flooring. Enjoy the convenience of our mobile showrooms filled with carpet, hardwood, laminate, tile, and vinyl samples. Think of us as your personal flooring concierge at outlet prices.

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