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I am a tennis-playing and choir-singing wife, mother and grandmother who loves the flexibility of being self-employed. My favorite weekend is spent in a rustic cabin that sits on a 200-acre piece of land and has no internet access.

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The Seed of Their Result

Karl is a long-time client who, for some reason, decided to go to one of the “big-box” office supply stores to make 250 color copies of a letter. When he found out that it was going to cost him .59 per copy, and that he would have to make the copies himself, he called me to ask what my pricing was. I told him that on a quantity of 250, it would be .25 per copy. Karl was thrilled that he would be saving that much money. He emailed his file to me, and picked up the finished job the next day.

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    ARTS Printing
  • 470 Satellite Blvd NE
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  • Suwanee , Ga
  • 30024
  • Phone: 770-945-0551
  • Website: http://artsprinting.com/

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