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As a rule, a majority of my new clients are brought to our office through a third party (either a lender or a real estate agent) and they do not generally ask questions prior to the decision to use my office to facilitate their closings. However, those that do always want to know an estimated cost for closing with our firm. Clients for Estate and Will Planning will inquire into knowledge and ability to represent them in said legal matters and will also inquire into price.

Estate and Probate clients generally decide within an hour (or less) of our initial consultation to move forward with working with our firm.

If a client takes longer than a year to determine if they would like to move forward with our firm’s representation on any matter, the delay is generally caused by simply putting the decision to the side (such as making decisions on the necessary information needed to prepare a will or other estate planning documents) or even finding availability or time to come execute the documents after we meet to review them. With regard to real estate matters, if we have a client that takes longer than a year to close, it is generally due to property title issues that have to be cleared or they are searching for the right property.

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