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I have always enjoyed how limitless home improvement is. I enjoy travel and being outdoors with my wife and dog. I find customizing homes to be the most rewarding work, and I look forward to sharing that talent with PowerCore.

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When a client is deciding to hire a Handyman to work on their home, they need to know the work will be done safely and correctly. I have worked very hard to be a reliable, dependable and responsible Handyman. I have completed several OSHA safety courses at Georgia Institute of Technology while also becoming an OSHA authorized Instructor. I have also completed the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors exam, ranking in the 95th percentile. These qualifications help to give my clients peace of mind that their home is in good hands and the work will meet their expectations.

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I am a professional with 20 years in home improvement. Trained as an electrician, I am also an experienced home inspector & safety professional. I am Here to Help you enjoy your home more. Reaching your home’s full potential is my goal.

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