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¡Hablo Español! When I’m not in the office or working (which is rare) you may find me playing disc golf or wiffleball. I love to be outdoors almost as much as I love helping people in any way that I can.

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For me I try to help all my clients the same, whether I know in advance if it will be on-base, home run or grand slam. My goal is to help my clients the best that I can and get them into a space that not only fits their business but also allows them to grow and thrive. I try not to focus on the commission, like many other commercial real estate agents will do, my focus is on my clients and getting them into the best place for them to grow their business. I have seen many times how the right space can help a business to thrive better than ever before, and I want to help all of my clients to achieve that. One of my clients leased a space with warehouse, then had to grow into that warehouse, then had to add another level to that warehouse, and recently they leased the next-door space. Many times before we get started I have a good idea of where that connection may fall on the We Did Business Slip, but that doesn’t change how much effort I put into working with them because I’m hoping that the on-base ones will refer me to someone else, which will turn that on-base to a home run or more! My focus isn’t always on the commission, but just for myself I also try to calculate my rate per hour at the end of the process, so if it is a home run sized deal but takes over 16 months it may drop down to on-base, but if it is a home run that takes a month to get done, then it may become a grand slam.

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Company Profile

My goal is to help business owners understand the current market, find the best potential spaces and negotiate the most balanced contract as possible. Purchases, leasing and investments are what I do best.

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  • 7094 Peachtree Industrial Blvd
  • Suite 275
  • Peachtree Corners, GA
  • 30071
  • Phone: 770-289-0019
  • Website:
  • Fax: 678-298-1616

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