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I have been working as a professional videographer for 6 years now. You will be my favorite person if you give me a good restaurant or movie recommendation. Fun fact: I met my now-fiancé, Tony, while on our college fencing team.

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Often I am my own team for my projects, I do the planning, filming, and editing. However, one area that I often do not work on is scriptwriting. In some cases, my client already has a communications team/person who can provide the language for the video. If that’s not the case, I usually work with my client to decide on one or two key points that they want to make and then just interview them about that topic. Overall, for any project to succeed, I need to communicate well with my client to make sure I’m correctly bringing their vision to life.

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Goodier Creative works with small businesses and nonprofits looking to take the next step in building their brand and connecting to their audiences. Our specialty is creating online videos using video and motion graphics that catch the eye.

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