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I help my clients put a plan in place to be able to enjoy life today while also planning for their future goals. This includes everything from basic budgeting to complex investment management.

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When I’m working with a new client, the initial step is always the same…gathering financial data. This includes things like income, assets, liabilities (debt), monthly expenses, etc. From this data I’m able to build a financial model of each of my clients’ lives which then allows me to answer the question they truly care about: Am I on track for my financial goals and if not, what do I need to do to get there?

This model isn’t static, it’s constantly evolving as my clients’ lives and financial situations change and so the benefit for my clients is knowing that any time they’re faced with a financial decision they can give me a call or we can meet and I’m able to pretty quickly show them how choosing option a) or option b) would affect the other aspects of their finances and most importantly their goals.

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