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I enjoy visiting Mother Nature whenever I get the chance. From camping and hiking to being on the lake or trail riding in the truck. Spending those moments with family and friends is a highlight for me.

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A great guide with my clients is a thorough walk-through. For simple things, such as painting, it is just a quick confirmation with a color wheel or a picture on the phone “This is the color you want?” Confirmation is key.

With larger projects involving custom work, Pinterest is a blessing. Making sure I can give the client realization of the vision they have makes the walk-off smooth and easy. Not everyone can visualize what they want and describe it perfectly. Design elements they give examples of make it all come together. “Do you have a Pinterest board? Would you please share it with me.” “What is the feel you desire.? Warmth and cozy, cool and crisp?”

Communication throughout the process of install and finish, wether in person or via FaceTime/pictures in text, help the process go as smoothly as possible.

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