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Many friends tell me that they have never seen someone who loves their work as much as I do. My favorite things to do outside of work include boating, walks on the beach, bicycle riding, photography, listening to music, and wood working.

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I recently was asked to inspect a home where I was told by the Real Estate Agent that there were cracks in the ceiling of the large bonus room above the garage. Further examination showed cracks in the wall at the corner of the bonus room, and then in the garage, cracks were present in the floor and extending up the concrete wall of the garage. Outside the home the concrete sidewalk was settling. The pieces of this puzzle all put together point to settlement of the garage slab and foundation showing as small cracks in the garage floor and getting bigger as you move upward. Knowing that the point of settlement is narrow of settlement, and the area further away is larger is critical as a home inspector.

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I help home buyers to identify and prioritize defects and safety concerns in a home that they are considering to purchase. I also test for Radon and do specialized home inspections.

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