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With 27 years in the building industry, my passion still continues to grow. I clear my mind at day’s end in the kitchen. I have sharp knives, which makes me focus for fear of losing a finger! Time with family & friends matters most to me.

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  • Phone: 850-503-5089
  • Team: Whitlock Avenue
  • Introduced by Nina Parker
  • Also Introduced by Zett Quinn
  • Joined on 11/12/2015

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Share a standard in your industry that we aren’t aware of:
When a project value exceeds $2500.00 a state license contractor should be hired.

[1] Who taught you this norm?
Georgia State Homebuilders Association

[2] How does it benefit you?
Since I am a state residential/light commercial builder, I am able to perform projects unlicensed contractors can not because of my ability to obtain building permits.

[3] How does it benefit your clients?
We are able to service our clients at any level of their project needs.

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  • 3 year
  • TeamCoOrdinator
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  • InfoMinute Seminar

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Company Profile

We love being a part of helping to provide one of life’s basic essentials, shelter.
A house or office is a big investment, but most importantly it’s your home or place of business. We take this into consideration for every project.

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