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I moved to ATL in ’84 to go to Tech where I met my hubby. We have a 14 yr old son & a dog named Lucy.

I am a maker. From soap to furniture to broth, if it’s possible to make it I will ~ or I’ll spend lots of time trying to figure out


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I don’t always see my clients when we first meet. Most times we are talking on the phone for that first consultation.

If they are new in business and don’t have a website yet, they are usually very excited about the possibilities and have big plans on what they want.

If they have a website but want to redesign it, typically they are a little frustrated with what they have and I can hear it in their voice.

Most everyone admits that they don’t fully understand the technical aspects and want to hire someone to make it happen for them.

When a client is ready for me they may be starting a new business, or complaining about not having enough business. They are usually someone who understand that they cannot be an expert at everything.

Holly Neumann

Fresh Eggs Web Design for Healthy Living Businesses

Fresh Eggs
Web Design for Healthy Living Businesses

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Company Profile

I design WordPress websites for healthy living businesses with an occasional logo design or rework.

I love to help a business rebrand to be the most memorable to their potential clients.

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