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I moved to ATL in ’84 to go to Tech where I met my hubby. We have a 13 yr old son & a dog named Lucy.

I am a maker. From soap to furniture to broth, if it’s possible to make it I will ~ or I’ll spend lots of time trying to figure out

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Row Markers Predict Harvest

Changing locations, redesigning logos or adding new services are all things that tend to trigger the need for a new or redesign of a website for a small business.

I love to work with small business owners who are ready to add new life to their web presence.

We work together to show why their ideal customer should pick them over the competition and show why their product or services are special.

Their new website will make them stand apart which nets them more business.

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Company Profile

I design WordPress websites, logos, digital content design and do marketing consulting.

Areas of interest include natural/alternative wellness, real food, farming, traditional diets and green/non toxic living.

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