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A Realtor 18 years, my team and I have successfully guided clients through up and down markets. I seize every opportunity to travel. I enjoy my 210 lb English Mastiff “Bedford”. My home is where everyone seems to gather.

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  • Phone: 404-456-7112
  • Team: Peachtree
  • Introduced by Michelle Davis
  • Joined on 02/10/2011

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Six for the Money

Feed Forward Question: What is really motivating people to search for a different home in today’s market?

1. Their children’s learning environment
2. To succeed at work
3. To get closer to the new job that’s a terrific opportunity
4. More workspace for their new home working environment
5. Consolidating Family in a multigenerational home
6. Trading an their Urban/Suburban/Country lifestyle for a better fit

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Realtor Group with Engel & Völkers Advisors. Working in town & along the northern Perimeter arc. We have buyer specialists and a highly experienced listing marketing specialist who focus on client real estate needs. We excel at relocations

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    The Hunter Group
  • 1420 Peachtree Street NE
  • Suite 100
  • Atlanta, GA
  • 30309
  • Phone: 404-456-7112
  • Website:
  • Fax: 877-329-4665

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