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I am a husband and father of two sons. I am passionate about my family, my friendships, and my faith. Some of my favorite activities are camping, golf, college football, playing the trumpet, and reading.


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Accurate: How Do They Know

In my industry the old way of doing things would be to have product stored and on hand for the customer, and then have them fill out appropriate paperwork/forms and collect payment. This approach has given way to using technology (websites and funnel systems) so that it isn’t necessary for me to have product on hand or collect payment. My customers can purchase product directly online that is packaged and shipped directly to them usually within 3-5 business days.

Something my wife and I started doing is a combination of both the old and new way. We keep a few of our premium starter kits on hand for customers that would prefer not to wait 3-5 business days to begin enjoying their product. The customer still makes their purchase online, but they have it shipped to us instead. This is both convenient and nice!

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My mission with Kitts Wellness is to provide excellent health and wellness products so that my clients can experience better health through better living!

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