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Jaad Nicholas is passionate about providing you with a world class mortgage and home buying experience. As a CMPS-certified professional, Jaad helps homeowners and homebuyers compare loan options more effectively.

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  • Phone: 734-385-6178
  • Team: North Fulton
  • Introduced by Bob Bregitzer
  • Joined on 11/24/2015

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Pace: Present – All About Them

My client Grace is a first-time homebuyer. She has her eye on a specific property and has contacted our team to get her pre-approved as soon as possible because the lease on her apartment is ending in two (2) weeks.

Her monthly expenses include basic living necessities (food, gym membership, etc.), rent
for her apartment, two (2) credit cards, one (1) car loan, and a few student loans. She has had trouble with her credit in the past but is currently making on-time payments toward her student loans/credit cards, and only owes about four months’ worth of payments on her car loan. Because she spends all of her free time with her family, they are more than willing to gift her a few thousand dollars toward her down-payment.

She graduated from a nursing program at Emory University two (2) years ago and has since maintained solid W2 employment at Emory Hospital. Although she does make extra income by working overtime, her salary on its own is enough to use as qualifying income for the purpose of approving her for a mortgage loan.

Grace should be able to close within the next two (2) weeks and move into her dream home!

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Company Profile

Jaad helps real estate agents improve the home buying process; and he helps financial advisors integrate mortgage planning into their financial advisory practice.

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    Ameris Bank
  • 1000 Mansell Exchange West
  • Suite 360
  • Alpharetta, GA
  • 30022
  • Phone: 734-385-6178
  • Website: http://www.JaadNicholas.com

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