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I like to win, but only if it’s “fair and square”. Winning is more than getting a paycheck–it can be as simple as meeting a deadline so that a single mom can get moved in and get blinds on the windows before the 1st night in a new place

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Buying or selling a home is usually due to a life change–whether a family is growing or shrinking or just relocating. I have noticed that the clients who are interviewing agents want to know that they whatever their objective is in the moment–whether it’s to meet a deadline, a financial goal, or make life easier for someone by helping them recapture more time in their day–the agent who can advise on how to accomplish the goal is the one who wins the opportunity. It can take a while to pull the trigger when lifestyle changes are under consideration, so it’s a process that requires patience and respect. They not officially become a client until it’s “go time” but we have to assume that they will be from the moment we first meet, and start thinking about what is in their best interest from the beginning.

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Full time realtor with extensive transaction experience. One of Georgia’s top real estate agents, focused on residential and commercial real estate sales in Coweta, Fayette, S. Fulton and Troup Counties.

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