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Jacob is now acting CEO & Founder of Drones iVue LLC after studying Unmanned Aircraft Systems at Middle Tennessee State University.

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Fit: Timing

I met with a couple who own and operate a non-profit in addition to two businesses. After providing our video production and photo services at one of their non-profit’s fundraising events, they met with one of my business partners and I to talk about scheduling another video project for one of their businesses.

After the details of what the video would entail were worked out, we looked to schedule a date about two weeks out from our meeting date due to some construction on their property. As the two weeks came and went, the shoot had to be pushed back as the cabin that was being constructed ended up taking longer than expected.

After about an extra month of waiting for the cabin’s construction they were then able to commit to a time and informed me of their eagerness to progress with our original plans.

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Drones iVue is currently operational as an imagery production company with a mission to capture the world in video, photo, aerial mapping, and 3D modeling imagery using camera, virtual reality, and drone technology.

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    Drones iVue, LLC
  • 2715 Brookside Court
  • Alpharetta, Ga
  • 30004
  • Phone: 678-249-0579
  • Website: http://www.dronesivue.com/

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