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I have a passion for helping people achieve financial independence. I am one of the few native “Atlantans”. I love the great outdoors, food, traveling, my family, my friends, and my two four-legged children.


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The centerpiece in cultivating a new relationship is an open dialogue centered around learning more about what they hope to accomplish and also what their concerns are. When they are transparent about what they dream for and also what could derail their dreams is when I can do my best work for them. It is when I can take all of the pieces that make up their financial world and then begin to connect them to their goals. When a relationship starts in this manner it makes for a fluid transition into implementing a plan that’s built around their life.

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Families and businesses agree that financial health is important to them but they are also juggling 101 other priorities. My first priority is to create financial balance with a commitment of flexibility to accommodate busy lives.

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