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I have a passion for helping people achieve financial independence. I am one of the few native “Atlantans”. I love the great outdoors, food, traveling, my family, my friends, and my two four-legged children.


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We all know that running a business involves wearing many hats. After I have been referred a client, I spend a lot of time on the front-end laying down the groundwork. Every client has a unique financial story so in the initial conversations I guide my clients through organization, data gathering, goal and objective setting, and education before any action is taken. This ensures we have not left any stone unturned and each unique objective is considered before we implement a strategy. Measure twice, cut once.

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Families and businesses agree that financial health is important to them but they are also juggling 101 other priorities. My first priority is to create financial balance with a commitment of flexibility to accommodate busy lives.

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