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  • Phone: 404-488-3552
  • Team: Candler Park
  • Introduced by Prentice Walker Jr.
  • Joined on 03/31/2016

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I learned a long time that I can not give my clients the best service by attempting to do everything. Therefore I have a team that can assist to insure that our clients policies are maintained. We all work together in a servicing system that helps maintain records of what has been completed, what needs to be done, and follow up with future clients. To insure that we do not duplicate efforts, individuals on my team all have a responsibility, including myself. Even today, we have daily meetings to insure that we work effectively and efficiently to help our clients.

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    Insurance Network Group
  • 2148 Main St E
  • Snellville, GA
  • 30078
  • Phone: 470-705-0238
  • Website: Insnetworkgroup.com

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