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I once won front row center Lynyrd Skynyrd tickets. Four times a year I go fishing on the Florida gulf coast for trout, redfish and flounder. I like extreme sports—hang gliding, skydiving, scuba diving—and raising two teen daughters.

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Action: Fuel + Motor

Communication seems to be the fuel that most of my mortgage clients need. When I take an application, I ask about their expectations on communication. I explain that fuel (communication) is automatically delivered in three main stages: 1) At the time of application when I notify them what is needed 2) Once the approval conditions are determined and I advise on any additional necessary items needed, and 3) Just prior to closing, we review the final amount due at closing (compare it to the original quote) and discuss what to expect at closing. Some clients prefer that both parties to the application are fueled, and some want one person to be the point person. Understanding if and when interim fuel is needed is the key to not running out of gas! Each engine is different and gas mileage varies.

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Surprises are for birthday parties. My clients want clear expectations up front, without having multiple requests along the way. Moving is hot and sweaty work. Getting a mortgage can be smooth and easy.

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