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I’m a Georgia native, although I’m the only member of my immediate family who can make such a claim.
Hiking and sports are two of my favorite activities!


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Two clients come to mind to help illustrate a Grand Slam referral for me…

1. Mr. Geary owns his own business, so he had a need for personal insurance to protect his family and for key-man business to ensure the survival and protection of his business. We’ll also soon be discussing Disability Income. He now refers to me as his insurance guy to help with all future family insurance needs.

2. Shaeron – Long story short, they had been shopping for insurance and I earned her and her husband’s business. Next, they wanted me to write policies for their 2 adult kids. Then, they wanted a children’s policy for their grandson, and recently they wanted a children’s policy for the newest family addition… their granddaughter!

A referral connection to a family or small business owner which leads to becoming the trusted Insurance Guy to help with multiple current and future needs is a grand slam for me.

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I help Individuals & Families protect themselves & their loved ones. We specialize in Mortgage Protection, Life Insurance, Final Expense/Burial, Children’s Policies, Disability, Annuities, Medicare, Key Man Business, & Critical Illness.

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