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Real Estate is a passion. I have been a national speaker and trainer on Real Estate. We built our business based on referrals giving and receiving. I believe that by helping others get what they want we get what we want.

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  • Phone: 770-241-0373
  • Team: Downtown Woodstock
  • Introduced by Tammy Jensen
  • Joined on 02/28/2014

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Communication: Structure

There are many windows of opportunity as a realtor. One window of opportunity is a good landscaper like Jaco Swanpoel. Many times clients need to upgrade or update their landscaping to give the home more curb appeal.

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Company Profile

Wilson Realty Group is a dynamic group of 5 that is growing. Soon we will be bringing on new business partners to give the high standard and quality of business that our clients deserve.

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    Ursula & Associates
  • 722 Stone Croft
  • Woodstock, GA
  • 30188
  • Phone: 770-241-0373
  • Website: http://www.wilsonkw.com
  • Fax: 678-494-0645

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