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Real Estate is a passion. I have been a national speaker and trainer on Real Estate. We built our business based on referrals giving and receiving. I believe that by helping others get what they want we get what we want.

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  • Phone: 770-241-0373
  • Team: Downtown Woodstock
  • Introduced by Tammy Jensen
  • Joined on 02/28/2014

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Progress: Pass On – Before

What our clients need to know and do before they start is to answer why they want to sell and where they would go once it does sell. We often have clients that want to take advantage of this hot market but have nowhere to go. Unless their goal is to live in a van down by the river, we advise them to prepare the house and then go on the hunt. Once we find the right home we set them up with unique financing that allows them to purchase the new house with cash, then get a loan that works for them and then sell the other.

Jason Wilson
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Company Profile

Wilson Realty Group is a dynamic group of 5 that is growing. Soon we will be bringing on new business partners to give the high standard and quality of business that our clients deserve.

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    Ursula & Associates
  • 722 Stone Croft
  • Woodstock, GA
  • 30188
  • Phone: 678-569-4044
  • Website: http://www.wilsonkw.com
  • Fax: 678-494-0645

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