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Originally from the DC area, Jayden has loved numbers since a very young age. Solving puzzles are what truly excite him. In his free time, he enjoys eating at new restaurants in the Metro Atlanta area.

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Professional: Precise – Communicate

The core values of my company are community, integrity & value. I abide by these same values in my communication with clients. I have created community by starting a group coaching program to assist my client to implement profit first, a cash flow method that forces a business to be profitable. I use integrity to tell my clients what they need to hear not want they want to hear regarding accounting and taxes. I provide value by giving my clients all my attention during our consultations. They can ensure my time is blocked off by booking an appointment using a link I provide them.

Jayden Doye
President, Prestige Accounting Solutions

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Company Profile

Prestige Accounting Solutions is a full service CPA firm that helps entrepreneurs save up to $15-75k in taxes and increase revenue by 10% through effective tax planning.

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    Prestige Accounting Solutions
  • 5784 Lake Forrest Drive Ste 236
  • Atlanta, GA
  • 30328
  • Phone: 833-672-2268
  • Website: https://prestigeaccountants.com/

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