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Better Together: Until the Glue Sets

The “clamp” that holds a relationship together at Hipes Law is the engagement agreement, once it is signed by both me and the client. This is what binds our relationship, and contains the terms of our relationship. Once it is signed, both parties have obligations. I, for Hipes Law, have the obligation to “hold the case together” by moving it forward. This means I analyze the case, develop a strategy with my client to obtain his or her goals, and then do the research, the writing, the negotiating, the filings, the briefs, the depositions, the hearings, and/or the mediation or trial that is needed to obtain my client’s objective. The “clamp” is released at the end of the process where the objective of the agreement has been met, or the client and I, or either of us, determine(s) that the process is over based on the terms of the engagement agreement.

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