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I am passionate about helping businesses grow and increasing profitability while improving the lives of the business owner, and their families.

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  • Phone: 770-331-1525
  • Team: Fayette
  • Introduced by Jim Mothorpe
  • Joined on 03/15/2016

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Straight Rows Prepare for Harvest

A vice president of sales is never happy with their sales results and in most instances, complains aloud routinely about their results. What they are looking for is that their salespeople “just do their job and sell something!”. What the VP doesn’t understand is that the salespeople need to be trained on how to sell. Did you know that 90% of people who sell, never get any sales training?! A great question to ask when you hear a VP of sales complain is, “How much have you invested in sales training for your team?” or “When was the last sales training your team attended?”. Then send them to me…

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Company Profile

I have 30 years of sales, leadership, facilitated training, speaking & employee development experience. My practice is built on 1-on-1 coaching of business owners, behavioral/communication assessments, training & owner exit strategies.

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