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As Founder and Senior Interior Designer of GiftCrate Interiors, Iā€™m completely vested in every single project we take on. Though I work for myself, I also work in a partnership with my clients, to turn spaces into timeless beautiful homes

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In the Interior Design and Decorating business etiquette has a high standard and expectation attached to it. I believe honesty is above all standards on the list. I have often heard of designers ripping off their clients, embezzling (billing for furniture/staging pieces but keeping them for themselves) adding dollar amounts to pieces of furniture, then adding on the commission and also getting cut backs from the suppliers on top of their commissions from the clients. It is unfortunate that these things can take place, but I am a firm believer in KARMA. I wrote a blog about when you treat people in the way you want your mother to be treated…..That kindness and respect will come back around. Having this standard is what generates referrals from existing clients for years down the road.(we call that planting a tree of oranges). Unfortunately, how to be dishonest is sometimes taught early in my field of Interior Design but I refuse to get ahead financially or otherwise if requires anything dishonest. It is vital for the client and the designer to have “trust” in order for the design to come out exceptionally. If there is ever a discomfort or lack of chemistry, it is up to the designer to withdraw from the project and refund the client the deposits in order to keep a healthy relationship and reputation.

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we strive to provide the most cost-effective solution while meeting the vision of our clients to its fullest. Our goal is to maximize the functionality in every design with graceful and affordable aesthetics.

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    GiftCrate Interiors LLC
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