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Outside of helping others with homeownership, I support local charities by volunteering. I love the beach and & lake with my husband and daughter. I snow ski, enjoy local festivals, antiquing and watching football. War Eagle! NMLS 1311069

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Better Together: Until the Glue Sets

My “clamps” hold all parties together in a home loan closing transaction. There are many, very important moving parts to facilitate the purchase of a home. Ensuring (the glue) that everyone is doing their part, on time in a flawless and seamless flow for a smooth closing. From my client, the borrower(s) purchasing, to my team (my assistant, processor, underwriter, appraisal department and closer); to the attorney’s office (who prepares and conducts the closing). And most important, constant communications with the buyer’s real estate agent and the listing agent. Once I receive the “clear to close”, my clamps start to begin the removal process and the glue starts to set in. I provide my client with their wiring instructions, what to bring and where to go to attend their closing. The glue sets and it’s safe to release my clients at the closing as I hand them the keys to their new home!

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Raised by an educator, I have been teaching others how to buy homes for more than 20 yrs. Residential or investment properties. Condo’s, Townhomes and Mobile Homes too. Call me today! NMLS 1311069

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