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Outside of helping others with homeownership, I support local charities by volunteering. I love the beach and & lake with my husband and daughter. I snow ski, enjoy local festivals, antiquing and watching football. War Eagle! NMLS 1311069

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  • Phone: 770-314-1408
  • Team: Paulding
  • Introduced by Tommy Schlosser
  • Joined on 08/28/2018

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During my Mortgage Insurance 7-Minute Presentation, I received a lot of questions on my FeedForward cards. The questions revealed that members were not aware of the in’s and outs of MI. So I followed up with 4 weeks of info minutes based on MI elaborating on how I helped clients save money. Because of my 7-Minute and follow-up InfoMinutes, I was able to close 3 refinances where they dropped their interest rate AND their monthly PMI! Thank you PowerCore Paulding AND FeedForward questions/Ah-ha’s! Jennifer Chadwick, Caliber Home Loans.

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Raised by an educator, I have been teaching others how to buy homes for more than 20 yrs. Residential or investment properties. Condo’s, Townhomes and Mobile Homes too. Call me today! NMLS 1311069

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