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I love animation and storytelling of all kinds. I’m the type of person to watch a movie and then again with director’s commentary. If it’s a creative art, I’ve dabbled in it. I’m a martial artist of Taido for 15 years and counting

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After my first 7 minute presentation, I was surprised to find that not many people knew about Adobe Acrobat’s signature feature for contracts. It allows for an easy streamlined way to get signatures from one to multiple clients in a secure way just using the free basic version of the program.
I now make sure that this knowledge is given out when I talk about what programs I use for my business as I require contracts for client projects estimated to be above a certain price range.

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My clients all have passions, dreams, and ideas that they want to express but may not have the means nor the time to express them. They wish to tell their story and to grow their business and want surefire ways to do that.

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