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Jessica Shotwell Walker is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach, and Dragon Boat Paddling Trainer based in Peachtree City, GA.


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Heirloom Seeds Ripen Over Time

Changes in the nutrition and fitness industry are published every day… is good today, bad tomorrow, and good again next week…eggs were supposed to give everyone heart attacks, but are now hailed as super foods. These conflicting conclusions can all be correct…..depending on a person’s individual health context.

My best clients come to me when they have tried (and failed) at every hyped-up one-size-fits-all diet plan and injury-inducing workout program they’ve encountered over the years. The value I bring to the health coaching relationship is compassion and respect for where my clients are starting their wellness journeys; consistent support, encouragement, and accountability on the daily habits they are ready, willing, and able to commit to; always tailoring the program to support and gently “stretch” my clients towards wise choices…especially when “life happens” and most uncoached people fall off the wagon.

Great Gate Openers for me would be people whose professions can regularly involve having deep, personal conversations with their own clients…Hair Dresser, Nail Salon, Health Insurance Provider, Mental Health Therapist, Physical Therapist, Sports Coach, Primary Care Doctor.

These Gate Openers often hear their own clients talking all about their great intentions for improving their wellness, seeing them embark on a new program, posting all over social media, succeeding for a while, and then losing their commitment when “life happens”…..(over and over and over), only to find themselves even worse off than they were before they started.

The second time you see that GateOpener, ask them if they ever notice that they are repeating the same wellness conversations with their clients but then not seeing any forward progress at subsequent appointments.

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