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The essential of success in my business is guiding people through a stressful complex transaction as calmly as possible. My team does this by working together internally…my loan coordinator…processor…underwriter…and closer…to exceed the expectations of the client and the referral partner.
Externally we stay in constant communication with all parties involved in the transaction to keep them updated. If there are issues with the transaction, we don’t hide them, we simply communicate what they are and what our game-plan is to overcome them.
I have found over the years if my team and I remain calm and communicate with the all parties involved throughout the process…..everyone else gets the sense we have things under control…and therefore they remain calm and work with us toward our common goal of closing the transaction.

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    FBC Mortgage, LLC NMLS # 152859
  • 804 Town Blvd.
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  • Atlanta, United States
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  • Phone: 678-231-0602
  • Website: https://www.fbchomeloans.com/

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