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I have over 25 years experience in the Mortgage Business. My goal is to make the borrowers experience as pleasant and as easy as possible.
I am diligent, detailed, honest, and take great value in giving the utmost in customer service.

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as a mortgage banker, it all starts withe the borrower’s pre-qualification process. Once pre-qualified, The sooner the borrower can go under contract to purchase a new home and set a closing date the better the referral is for me, If a referral is Looking to finance over $300,000 on their Mortgage then I have improved pricing and interest rates and that also means a larger commission for me. However, I get the greatest sense of job satisfaction helping first time home borrowers realize their dream of becoming a new homeowner.

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at Loan Depot:
we pride ourselves in delivering large company products and services with a small neighborhood company feel. we don’t rest until you rest.

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