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I have over 25 years experience in the Mortgage Business. My goal is to make the borrowers experience as pleasant and as easy as possible.
I am diligent, detailed, honest, and take great value in giving the utmost in customer service.

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I have been in Banking and finance for 25 years and finding ways to my clients achieve the ultimate dream of owning a hone has always been my passion. The training is extensive and there is no substitute for experience, I have been a licensed Loan officer since the implementation for the Dodd Frank Act in 2011 requiring all loan officers be licensed under =state and Federal jurisdictions. My passion is helping my clients maneuver the complicated mortgage process, and to help them throughout the mortgage process and to streamline the paperwork but most importantly making sure my clients are getting the best deal possible with the absolute best terms to fit their financial needs.

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at Loan Depot:
we pride ourselves in delivering large company products and services with a small neighborhood company feel. we don’t rest until you rest.

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