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Accurate: Precise

Precision is the difference between an estate plan that works and one that doesn’t.

Perhaps the most important thing that I do with clients is have conversations with them about themselves, their loved-ones, and their hopes for the future. I give them confidence in me by listening and asking questions. The questions lead to the specific features and provisions that their plan requires. I must be precise in documenting what my clients say and also precise in drafting to turn their hopes into a well-defined script for their future.

A recent client had been recently widowed and came to update her planning. She related, “The goal was to set up a trust to MY specifications . . . and that was achieved. I felt from the beginning that your goal was my total satisfaction with the final product! Kudos to Mr. Miskell and his team!”

That kind of client feedback only comes from keeping laser focus on the wants and needs of clients.

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    Estate Planning Law Group Of Georgia, James M. Miskell, PC
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  • Website: http://letstalkestateplanning.com

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